My name is Fatima Sharafeddine but people around me like to call me by other nicknames, among these Foufou, Foushara, Foufoulmalfoufou, Fanka… Ok, will stop here.

At school I was excellent in High jumps during gymnastics hours, and in writing short essays and stories in Arabic class.

I was not aware at the time that when I grow up I will jump high, not across a rope hung between two poles, but between words and lines and stories I write for children.

How do I create my stories? In the morning, I pour myself a cup of green tea, then I out in the mixer inside my head my imagination… my ideas… my feeelings… and I press the button of the mixer! My words are squeezed and kneaded, they go round and round, up and down, till a children’s story comes out. To this day, the mixer has produced 150 books, some of which have been translated to any laguages, and some have won awards.

What do I do with all these books? I put them in a big pouch, carry them to schools and read them to children. I also take my pouch of books to many countries around the world and show them to people and read the stories to whomever is interested. I also go to conferences and talk about the mixer and how it works. I als give trainings and workshops to people who like to learn how to turn their own mixers on in order to create their own stories for children.

When I am not writing, I go out with freinds, I visit my parents, I cook formy children and bake them cakes, I watch a movie or turn the music on and dance.

Things I like are a bird that visits my balcony, a soft perfume, a gift fro a person I love.

Things I do not like are a dries up pen when i really need one, and snoring!

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